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The Full Story


Shoofly Retreats is a new retreat venue in South Alabama with tons of history and dedicated to helping our guests REALLY relax, enjoy the fresh southern air and to find simplicity.  Our long weekends are intended to entertain you, educate you and assist you in how you look at your current life, your purpose and how you want to spend the rest of your life, if you like.  If you prefer to disingage, we are at your service.  At any age, you could possibly  find the restart you have been looking for taking you to newer heights.   We are an all inclusive luxury farm built with you in mind.  

Our upscale and extremely comfortable accommodations, cuisine and service promises to impress and deliver, every time.


All of our suites and Cabins have their own thermostat and mini fridge and our water we provide is "Berkey" filtered!  We strive to limit the plastic we use. Our breakfast is 80% organic and made with your wellness in mind but we also serve the "modified" traditional southern breakfast, by Bob, that has impressed our guests time and time again.

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